Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The girls are home!

The chicken girls that is. We finished the work on the chicken coop and yard that had to be done before they moved in just last night. (Though there are some details left such as painting touches and roofing material.)

Unfortunately one of the great polish hens (one of the ones with a great tuft of feathers on its head) seems to have been a rogue rooster and will be sent to live on a happy little farm outside the city limits. (No, that is not code for some other means of getting rid of a rooster.)

So here we sit, all in a row, watching the small door that is the hatch out of the coop. One of the girls keeps poking her head out, almost stepping onto the ladder down to the ground, then changed her mind. I figure they will all come flocking out in about 10 minutes, when it is just cold enough for me to call it a night and go inside.

We just heard a melody of baby bird cheeps. A family of birds (finches? I will have to ask my neighbor) have built a nest in the bamboo window shade over the neighboring house. They must have just been thrilled to get some food. It will be fun to keep tabs on how they develop in the coming weeks.

The excitement here can be cut with a knife, really. Suspenseful happenings here, as we watch from the tree!


  1. Pictures? We want pictures.

  2. Hey, I'm a reporter at The Denver Post, working on a story about urban homesteading. I'd love to chat with you, if you've got a minute.


    Doug Brown
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