Thursday, June 18, 2009

She is a rooster, crud!

Yes you read that right. Apparently my second polish chicken is in fact a rooster. the first proved itself to be a rooster early on, and I was so sad to loose my gray bird with a goofy poof of feathers on its head. We sent it off to live happily outside the city limits.

The second polish I had seemed to be a girl a bit longer, but surprised us with a cock-a-doodle-doo last weekend. I spent the week reading accounts found in google of hens that managed to crow in some sort of manner, and I convinced myself that she was just very special.

Until this morning, when the entire family stood with our mouths hanging open in awe in the morning light watching her crow her little heart out, repeatedly.

We do not want a rooster. We cannot have a rooster within the city limits, and we really do like our neighbors enough to want to keep life pleasant for them.

I called the feed and grain where we picked up the cute chicks, and they do buy back roosters but have a limit of 5. They have 5 right now. They tipped me off to the fact that the raptor center will take roosters. I innocently called to find out how the adoption process works, and the news was gently broken to me that they would be food for the birds of prey. I thanked them for their gentle way of breaking the news and said I just might take them up on the offer if I don't find a more pleasant alternative.

So now the offer goes out. I have one really funny looking Polish rooster available for adoption by anyone interested. Ideally to live a long amusing life being the small funny looking rooster of a flock. Anyone needing a rooster?

Please? :)

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  1. Awwww....I don't think the Rooster would be very happy living in my condo, LOL. Nor would my habit of sleeping in be. :) I hope he finds a good home.


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