Friday, July 31, 2009


We have eggs! Two of them as of half an hour ago, Friday morning.

Dan discovered the first one on Tuesday. We had been on a family vacation and were busy on our first full day home.

Dan heard a lot of noise coming from the chicken coop, and went out to see one of the girls coming out of the coop. He went to peek, and sure enough we had our first egg! A perfect treasure, about half the size of large eggs available at stores.

We have been watching for another egg, and finally this morning it was time for egg number two.

I am home sick today, and I was startled to hear an amazing amount of squawking coming from the coop. One girl was inside and I could see the other four huddled in a corner in the yard under the coop. I heard a lot of unusual noises coming from inside and what was almost like a responding chorus of noise from the other chickens. I suddenly saw our girl named Viper (oh I know it is a strange name! My son's Lacrosse team) come out, continuing to made a lot of noise. As I looked at each nest box I noticed immediately that the nests are clearly being used, and the last one had another small egg!

So now to learn more about egg laying :)

But in a way I don't need to seek out all knowledge. I know about birth. I know that sometimes making more noise makes the impossible possible. I know that it is easier when you have a chorus of voices chiming in, being present for your journey. I know that having girls nearby is priceless for those hard moments.

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