Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taking time to breathe...

I have long neglected our family project here. We all have. In the frenzy of daily life, of work and school and graduating seniors and adventure trips, lacrosse game replay chats, blogging our steps at sustainability seems low on the totem pole.

Dan took me to an event called Ignite Ft.Collins. I learned a lot. The theme is "Enlighten me, but make it quick". Presentations on everything from playing the harmonica to eating for enlightenment. Science and entertainment, bits of this and that. Never enough to be bored with a topic, but enough for me to feel my neural synapses working a little. Great time.

More than one person talked about their online presence. Super blogging mom, the online cartoonist. It make me long to make this back in to what we pictured at first. Even if it is just my therapy, I am worth writing for!

Watch this space, for life and philosophy. Mistakes and messes come as an extra bonus!

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