Thursday, February 5, 2009

First post!

This is always the hardest post, the first. So here's a very brief introduction:

Hi, we're the View From the Tree family. Each family member sits on their own limb of the tree and thus brings their own perspective to our shared views. You'll hear from all of us in due time.

We started this blog because we're enthusiastic about sharing our thoughts and experiences with others. It's our fond hope that other like-minded folks will climb up in the tree and sit with us for a while to share their views (or take a peek at ours). 

So what are our views? Stick around and you'll get 'em. But in a nutshell, we're a rooted collection of individuals with evolving worldviews, focused for the time being on sustainable living, community consciousness, spiritual consciousness and other neat stuff. We live in a small city / large town that is right at the base of the Rocky Mountains and #2 rank of Money magazine's Best Places to Live. We're invested in our community's schools, health care, food growers, food distributors, alternative energy endeavors, public transit, and politics that affect individuals. We love small coffee shops, wine, small furry mammals, spontaneous laughter, zombie movies, growing our own food, bikes, board games, the Internet, and the feel of the sun in our faces, and believe that none of those things are mutually exclusive.

And we're really darn funny.

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  1. Great blog! I love it! So, the only thing is, with the "Tree" voting, there are not enough options! For instance, what about "drawing it" or "sitting under it"?


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