Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things to do Saturday, revised

I am sad to report that in fact, it did snow. But Dan is a bicycle trooper and still biked to the coffee shop. He is becoming more and more hardcore with his bike! :)

My agenda: Coax the kids remaining in the house (all of them) to do chores. We believe strongly that all members of the family have to pitch in and help. This is made especially important because I have this super fun chronic illness that at times makes me unable to do as much as I would like. Cheap child and teenage labor is the answer!

The most significant item to tackle today: Hamsters. We have the honor to "hamstersit" for at least this month while part of the extended family works to put their house on the market. I thought that was an interesting request, because I would not be turned off by a house with hamsters in it. But the real problem is that these hamsters are insanely wild with their bedding! At this moment they have kicked 1/3 of the total bedding contained in their cage onto the table the cage is on. From there it has piled up at the base of the table, and been tracked all over the family room by kids, cats and husbands. (surely I had no part in this!)

Thankfully, I have two teens in the house to whom I could delegate this clean up to!

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