Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hello, I'm InternetWalker. I'm one of the laboring teenagers of the family (pretends to glare at mother and father). You're lucky I love you guys. lol

I read the posts Friendly Neighborhood Pirate and Wondering Mom wrote and I thought I'd add the view from my little perch in the tree.

We're not completely wacky, hippie like you might or might not have discovered. We feel we're more doing our little part to help out our world and support being local. You know how you want to make that yummy wrap in the middle of summer or a salad? Then you look in your fridge and you don't have any greens? Well, last summer, after, of course, the back straining work of making it, I was able to enjoy our garden by going out with a strainer tucked under one arm and an anxious stomach. It's nice being able to just walk outside and grab a few handfuls of leafy greens, a bell pepper, and maybe one of those tomatos that are dripping from their vines and pulling out the support that we put up and reinforced. Then to go inside, rinse, chop a little, and have a nice salad ready without having to walk more than 10 yards from your house. If only I could make Dorthy Lynch.

Anyway, we're not totally crunchy, but we're not technology oriented also. Yes, I love to go on those social networks on line, but, to keep me from spending all the time on the computer, I have a certain amount of hours to spend on the computer. It's nice in a way. No internet drama, and outside is pretty nice as long as it's not freezing cool (but, shhhh, don't tell my parents that). We're just the right balance I think. But if we did laundry by hand during the summer, or something like that, it'd probably help out alot more.

Okay well, I'll let you go, if you haven't already died of boredom. I'll blab at you some more later.

Loves to all of you.
Chuu (kiss)


  1. Hi Internet Walker, I really like your voice in the mix. And, walking those steps to the garden is my favorite thing to do, too. I get to do it year-round with my greenhouse. As for the laundry, just hanging clothes on the clothesline to dry instead of putting them in a dryer saves a lot of $$ and you get to smell the fresh breezes, feel the sun on your face, and listen to the birds sing. There's something very peaceful about it, and I love that, too. If it's above freezing in temperatures, you can do it most of the year. I have a friend who hangs her clothes on the line even when it's freezing, and she says they dry just fine, but are a little stiff when you bring them in! :)

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  3. Recently the young Lego Master helped me install a dryer vent bypass, so that the "waste" heat from the dryer is pumped back into the house instead of vented outside. Saves on the heating bill!


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