Wednesday, April 8, 2009

11 Things You Can't Do With A Bike

1. Cruise the scenic parking lot several times looking for that elusive open spot.
2. Get to know the gas station attendant on a first-name basis.
3. Proudly display the annual parking pass in your front window. You know, the parking pass fee that's so big they have to take it out of your paycheck in three monthly payments.
4. Spend some quality time on the phone with your insurance company, learning which countries all of the reps you speak to live in.
5. Turn up the air conditioning.
6. Be the good samaritan with jumper cables for your coworker who has a dead battery.
7. Sport witty bumper stickers like "My other car is a...". (Unless of course you have a bike trailer, where there's room for bumper stickers.)
8. Invite your significant other into the back seat. (Unless you have a tandem bike.)
9. Keep your math skills sharp by calculating MPG, and hone your financial skills by tracking which gas station has the best price this week.
10. Chinese fire drills.
11. Show your support in "these uncertain economic times" for the embattled auto industry by leveraging your purchasing power on their behalf.


  1. Not to mention suffering the loss of the semi-annual "Clean Out the Car Day" when you get to scoop out the gravel from the floor mats, wash windows, gather crumpled papers, receipts, and wrappers and scrape up the melted chapstick from the cubby holes...

  2. am I supposed to do this twice a year? whoooa, had no guess! (as evidenced by the jackets shed by myself and kids as the weather warms. by summer we can have a coat giveaway of those abandoned in the van.)

  3. Hmmmm...well, 1, 2, and 9 done w/ a bike, it would just be pointless. :)

    #4 you could get a local agent know...speaks English:)

    #8 is just funny ha ha


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