Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chicken update

From coop building

Once again spotlighting the chicken coop in progress, as we trouble shoot Picasa. :) Thanks for caring about our pet project you guys!

So why chickens? Because I have a dream of having a small farm of my own. Because I have always wanted chickens of my own. Because we are trying to become more self sufficient, more local, and more sustainable. Because having our own endless supply or organic fresh eggs is easy! And because they are cute.

I have a chronic illness that includes varying amounts of pain and stiffness. I very much wanted to be able to take care of my chickens (though I really will delegate to the kids on many days) and had to accommodate my personal needs in the design.

You will notice that it is elevated, meaning I can clean it without leaning over or stooping. This also provides a sheltered area underneath where the chickens can get out of the sun or elements. (this will be part of the run or yard we will construct once this silly spring snow is all done)Dan built a pulley system on the front of the coop so the door the chickens will use to enter and leave the coop can be opened easily from outside the run.

The cupboard doors are there to retrieve eggs from the nest boxes from outside the coop. On the front is a large opening that will be screened ventilation in the summer and covered with glass for a passive solar collector for heat in the winter. What you can't see is a large door on the back side of the coop that is large enough for me to climb in, or just reach in to pull debris and poop out of.

There are a lot of finishing touches left to do, such as decorative painting (more), the roofing material, and sweet yellow shutters on the sides of the window opening, just because I want it to be cute too!

For pictures of the building process take a gander at the web album. It was a great birthday party!
coop building

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