Thursday, April 9, 2009

Summer bounty

Tonight I opened up one of the jars of tomato sauce we had canned last fall. I still find it to be a small miracle, when I crack the seal and smell the rich tomato sweetness. We only did a few super huge jars of marinara sauce (2 quart size), and some smaller ones of tomato soup, but I am still so proud of our first year trying to preserve our harvest.

Tomatos and anything acidic can be canned in a water bath canner, instead of a pressure cooker. Jelly is another thing that can be done in the simple boiling water bath. It is truly easy enough that anyone can do it.

I look forward to preserving even more of our garden goodies by canning next year. It is a lost art.

If you wonder what we did with our sauce, we made spaghetti. We used ground turkey for meat, and an herbed pasta we bought at the co-op last weekend. We cooked a quinoa pasta for Josh, who is gluten free, and rounded it off with salad and fresh sunflower seed sprouts. I look forward to our salad coming from the back yard! (I do have salad mix and lettuce coming up in the garden now.)

Happy eating! I hope that you are able to savor the pleasure of foods that you had a hand in creating, preparing, growing, and eating. It makes every meal taste so much better!

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  1. I can everything in my water bath canner, or freeze it. I've just been enjoying the last of my beautiful Western Slope peach and apricot sauces from last season's bounty. Can't wait for this summer's crop! Also have romaine lettuce 8" high and arugula from my greenhouse for salads right now--pure heaven!


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