Monday, March 23, 2009

Love Old Town Ft Collins!

So as my birthday approached I felt like I very much wanted to take a little road trip by myself. I planned either a spiritual retreat at the Shambhala Mountain Center (no, I am not Buddhist, but they had a retreat for people with chronic illnesses and stress management) or a leisurely trip to the western slope of Colorado to spend a couple of days with my in-laws at their home also known as Casa Rosa and then visit a dear friend who moved to New Castle.

But alas, money,timing and an oral surgery (not me, the youngest in the family) lead to an unfortunate bout of sensibility.

So I took my 2 paid days off and took care of said kid and said oral surgery, then had today. So I have spent my day in Old Town.

Great things:
There is free wireless internet provided by FRII in the downtown area, and if you are in a place with spotty coverage, they likely have their own you can hop on! (Hence, I am writing this in Spoons, eating a grilled cheese and a cup of butternut/potato soup)

The Bean Cycleis our families favorite coffee shop. Great atmosphere, and it is home to the Matter Bookstore, a place to find local authors, alternative publications, and lots of groovy new and used books

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