Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The most important blog entry to date

I just have to show off the babies!
Truly, I have to say that they don't have a whole lot of personality differences yet, or maybe I have just not sat watching them long enough.

I have been trying to let them get used to my hands, and holding some each day, but honestly, you can't really "play"with baby chickens, or can you?

There is one dark colored chick (I really need to have my friend/neighbor remind me what breeds they are) who is larger than the rest, and is quite protective of them all. Other than that, well they are just cute. That's all, but that's enough. as you can tell by the captivating images, their activities seem to revolve around eating, huddling together, and pooping.

I am sure they drink too, but it appears that the other activities are much higher priority. I tried to get one funny shot of a chick that fell asleep with its neck all stretched out and its bum on top of another, but of course some of the passion is lost through the lens. (that is the top right photo in this stunning photo essay)

I am most enchanted by the chicks with the great poof of feathers on top of their heads. When they are full grown that pouf of feathers will cover their eyes, making them pretty vulnerable to predators.

So there you have it, baby chicks! ahhhhhhhhhhh

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