Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Now a food co-op member

The title says it all. I went today over lunch to the Fort Collins Food Co-Op and became a member. 

Membership costs $20 annually. Each month on the day of my choosing, I get 10% off my total purchase. Also on the 5th of each month, members get 5% off. It's pretty obvious that my $20 is going to be recouped pretty quickly if I do any quantity of shopping there.

Truth be told, that's probably not going to save me a ton of money. (We'll see.) The selection is of course not nearly as wide as a regular grocery store, so we'll still have to visit other grocery stores. However, there are other perks. The location is extremely convenient for me -- I can bike there for my small purchases either from home or work quite quickly. I'm supporting a member-owned, local business. I'm supporting another outlet for quality food products, food & health education, and locally grown food. The selection and quality of the bulk bin items are particularly fantastic. 

But what really intrigues me is the members' special order program. I can special order a large quantity (say, a case or a 24 pound bag of something) and get it for just a bit above cost. I can save an average of 20% off the shelf price for that item. You can see how useful this can be! (Especially for my Ginger Soother addiction.)

I'm sure some readers are asking themselves, "What took you so long?" Yeah, I know, joining a food co-op is a pretty basic step. I'm not quite sure why I put it off for this long, except to say that in the past, when I've visited the store, I didn't see it as cost-effective and I was much more concerned about cost at that point. (I was in a different place financially and health-conscious-wise.) Now, though... I am glad to be a member.

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  1. Congratulations! You have seen the light! Not to mention the intangibles of belonging to a food coop, such as community-building, less packaging, the visual appreciation of food in its natural state, and the sweet aromas of grains, herbs, and vegetables as you walk into the store. It's like a quintessential "coming home."


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